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618 area vinyl

HTV Transfer Custom order**Requires purchase of set up fee.

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*YOU MUST add set up fee depending on how many different design images you are having printed. Your order will be refunded if a set up fee is not added to your order

Each different design will have a $6 set up fee ( example: a soccer ball design and a football design will be $6 each. If you just have 3 prints of the soccer design then it will only be one $6 set up fee)

 Submit a high-quality .png or .svg file of the design you would like printed on heat transfer vinyl.

These transfers will need to be transferred from their backing using an easy mask transfer sheet that is not included(you can usually reuse the carrier sheet 3-4 times)

*email your .png or .svg file to (**NO SCREENSHOT PHOTOS OF IMAGES or low-resolution images,( you will want at least 300DPI ) THESE WILL NOT PRINT CLEARLY)you can look for images on Etsy or other design sites. If a design can not be cut due to it being too complex we will refund that item. We will not refund for an image being blurry so please make sure you have a high-resolution image.

**if you require edits to your image or text added or removed, please contact me first because this will be an extra charge starting at $3 and could go up to $20+ depending on what design work you are needing.

*Please include your invoice number in the email for us to refer to.. along with the quantity for the design you would like printed. 


(you would have purchased 3 of the $6  set up fees for the three different designs)

Invoice #

 soccer ball design 3 toddler size

mama bear design 1 adult size

fireworks design 2 can cooler size