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Custom Order Sublimation

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We offer paper in two sizes.

8.5x11 & 11x17

You will need to submit a high quality .png image on a transparent background or .svg file.

You can print as many or as little on both sized papers, you'll just have to specify sizing of each design. 

It's important to note that sublimation is suitable only for high-count polyester fabrics that contain at least 50% polyester or more. Additionally, the printer won't print any white for sublimation. If your design includes white, the color of the shirt will show instead.

You will need to Include invoice number in your email to along with the images you would like printed.


invoice #00000

8.5x11 paper 

football image 3x3  quantity 6

11x17 paper

birthday image 10x12 quantity 1

name 3x3 quantity 2